Nine Lies

Ok, enough is enough. In response to an ASCL report today on school funding, which highlighted the difficulties in school funding, the DfE released this statement: “We do not recognise these figures and they come from a sample of just two per cent of all school business leaders. There are no cuts in funding. In fact,… Read More Nine Lies

Gimme Some Truth

Secretary of State, Happy New Year to you and I hope you are settling into your new office. I write this more in hope than expectation. Hope that you will both read what I have to say and that you will recognise the truth it contains. You will receive much advice in the coming weeks… Read More Gimme Some Truth

Read all about

There are a number of dimensions I view research across to help me understand the value of a particular piece. I claim no scientific underpinning for the way I do this, all I can say is that it works for me and over the long term has put me a place where most of my… Read More Read all about

Every Child Matters

So this caused some controversy last week. A quick précis – a local authority refused to allow a Sikh couple the chance to adopt because all the children they currently had were white British. This seems to be in complete contradiction of the law, which now no longer requires ethnic matching of adopters and children.… Read More Every Child Matters