Making progress

So three months in I wanted to think about what’s the biggest change I’ve noticed in school. There are a number of things I could mention: The academy thing (though as I previously worked in a grant maintained school I’m used to being a bit of a pariah), the mobile phone thing (and I may… Read More Making progress


There is a simple fact we have to face. Currently the primary function of ministers in the Department for Education is to present misleading information to the education sector and to the public. This is not a situation where they are accidentally misleading people rather it is a distinct choice being made in order to… Read More Efficiency

Seven Thousand Hours

First state the premise: Children learn more effectively with more effective teachers. Now, I know there are many other elements that go to make up how effective a child’s learning is, but this post is about teachers, so let’s concentrate on that. So the question becomes how can we make teachers more effective? Again, I… Read More Seven Thousand Hours