Times Tables

After reading this excellent post from Mark Enser (@ensermark) I thought it might be helpful to create a little cut-out and keep ready reckoner for the number of hours added to a teachers workload by marking. It’s very simple, though I’m sure you could build a more sophisticated model to help in your own context… Read More Times Tables

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There are a number of dimensions I view research across to help me understand the value of a particular piece. I claim no scientific underpinning for the way I do this, all I can say is that it works for me and over the long term has put me a place where most of my… Read More Read all about

Time for more tables

One of the things that recent events bring into sharp relief is how the system deals with schools that have been in difficulties for some time. Rarely does a school change from (and I make no apologies for using the Ofsted designations – that’s the system we work within) Outstanding to Inadequate overnight. Where they… Read More Time for more tables