I have news…

As the academic year glides to a close, I have news. For the past six years I’ve been lucky enough to have been a governor at one of the finest schools in the country, working with a wonderful group of people to support the education of local kids. One of the many reasons this school… Read More I have news…

Nine Lies

Ok, enough is enough. In response to an ASCL report today on school funding, which highlighted the difficulties in school funding, the DfE released this statement: “We do not recognise these figures and they come from a sample of just two per cent of all school business leaders. There are no cuts in funding. In fact,… Read More Nine Lies


At the weekend we opened up to public view our internal Multi-Academy Trust database on our site here. A number of people have asked why we did this, and a number have asked how. So here goes. We provide online tools to MATs so we need to know who our customers are likely to be.… Read More WYSIWYG

The mythical bean bag

So, today this letter dropped from the Education & Skills Funding Agency. It’s a bit of a boring one about budgeting and finance so won’t tend to get much attention. It should. The key section is this one: Let’s first of all consider the import of the final sentence. “We anticipate that in most cases… Read More The mythical bean bag