Levelling up

The other day @miss_mcinerney posted the following quote: I’ll come back to this later. I’m also going to be fashionable and quote Barak Rosenshine:- “The research also suggests that the optimal success rate for fostering student achievement appears to be about 80 percent. A success rate of 80 percent shows that students are learning the… Read More Levelling up

Wire less

I’ve been thinking what is needed in a classroom in the way of technology to tide us over the coming months. This is a secondary based view, based on how I teach and what I’d like students to be able to see. So others may have a different view. My usual tech use in the… Read More Wire less

Remote Learning – the wasted years

In 1996, Thomas Hamilton shot 16 children and one teacher dead and injured 15 others in Dunblane. Subsequently the UK government took the radical step and introduced legislation banning all cartridge ammunition handguns. This was not universally popular. However, there hasn’t been a subsequent schools shooting. The response to extreme events sometimes has to be extreme,… Read More Remote Learning – the wasted years


The other day, in relation to the pandemic and edtech Ann Mroz asked the the question “…where are all the crusaders bringing us a new dawn?” A number of people, myself included, responded that we are still here but thinking that at a time of national crisis, with over 60,000 dead, this is probably not… Read More Shibboleths