I’ll tell you what they want…

What can we expect on the education front from a conservative government with an unassailable majority? Here are some pre-manifesto thoughts. 

We are certain to get:

  • Grammar schools. The bigger the majority, the more we’ll get. 
  • Baseline tests. 
  • Forced academisation.
  • No budget increase.

These are things you are likely to get:

  • A new Secretary of State – a grammar schools hardliner. 
  • Designated MATs for newly academised schools to move into ie no more SATs. 
  • More proscription of teaching methods. This will start with the right for parents to demand access to a textbook for their child. 
  • Removal of any class size limits. 

Here are some unlikely options that I couldn’t when thinking, entirely rule out:

  • Selective primary schools. 
  • Removal of Pupil Premium funding.
  • Enforced streaming in non-grammars.
  • Enforced conversion to grammar school status.

Generally what we’ll see is the higher the majority the greater the proscription.