Moby Lock

This is if your kids have an iPhone and you want to restrict what they do on it. Specifically if you want to stop them using their mobile data for certain things. For example, my kids have theirs set so that they can only browse the web via WiFi. As the places they predominantly do this are at home or at school I can mostly guarantee that their web access will be filtered.

First you need to go into Settings->Mobile Data.

If you scroll down you will see a list of all the apps on the phone and you can turn on or off that apps access to the internet through Mobile Data.


The image is from my phone so I have allowed Safari (being on an old style unlimited data plan really pays dividends for Dad!). On my kids phone I have most of these turned off. Certainly Safari is turned off on theirs.

Once you have set these how you want them you should go to Settings->General->Restrictions

If you already have restrictions turned on you will be prompted for the restrictions passcode. If they are off, you will be prompted to set a passcode. Set one that you will remember but your child won’t work out.

Once in we can restrict all sorts of things, including what apps the phone can use.

The first really important one to set to ‘Off’ here is In-App Purchases.


This is essential if you want any cash left. You can then set all sorts of ratings for content. These are a bit hit and miss to be honest, but belt and braces. Then down the bottom in the Allow Changes section we have the Mobile Data Use setting.


Set this to Don’t Allow Changes to prevent any of the Mobile Data settings you set earlier from being changed.


All the user of the phone will now be able to do is to turn the mobile data on or off.

You can do all sorts of magic things in the restrictions (lots of stuff about location sharing for example) which will help you be more in control of your childs phone use both in terms of the content they can access and the amount of your money they can burn.

Have a play. And don’t forget the restrictions passcode.