Say anything

The results from the latest <<insert internationally acclaimed organisation name>> education performance survey show <<insert preferred statement from list below>>.

  • that our current education reforms are working.
  • that their education reforms aren’t working.
  • our hardworking students are continuing to move forwards and increase their scores in these tests.
  • our students continue to falter when compared to our international rivals, like Kazakhstan.
  • that there is a clear need for further reform of the education system.
  • that the education reforms unleashed over the past few years have created complete turmoil in the system and we need a period of respite.
  • it will take considerable effort to rebuild from the neglect of the past.
  • that only more money will improve the system, not more change.
  • how only selection will help us improve outcomes to the very best levels.
  • how the best systems don’t have selection of students by ability

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