It’s a beautiful day

It’s a beautiful day

The sun is shining

I feel good

And no-one’s gonna stop me now, oh yeah


How was it for you?

My daughters story is her own, we’ve always told her that, so you’re going to have to take on trust that she’s had at least as many hurdles to jump as any other daughter or son. And then a number that few ever have to contemplate.

After she’d opened the envelope this morning there were tears and smiles and all the emotions you would expect. As with everything she’s ever done in her life she exceeded expectations. Every grade higher than predicted.

She obviously has many people to thank for helping her get there. She has brilliant, supportive, caring teachers who have pulled her along when the going was very hard. She’s had a head of year who I think would go to war for her kids. But then again, which head of year do you know that wouldn’t.

She has a group of friends who have kept her going – both in person and through the dastardly medium of the smartphone, her 24/7 personalised support line.

Obviously we’ve helped a bit as well.

But the kudos go to her.

Her tenacity is legendary. When she was younger we dismissed and decried it as stubbornness, but we grew to love it as we realised it was an attribute that would serve her well. You want grit and determination? She’s got it by the bucket load. And it will serve her well.

Look out world, she’s on her way…


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