If you’d like to swing on a chair…

You know when you suddenly get a thought in your head but you can’t remember why that thought came in your head but it was an interesting thought so you acted on it? Well that happened. In the good old days the thought would have  happened and then gone away. But now, in this brave new world I can bore everyone else with it.

Anyway, the thought. And, having written that down I’ve remembered where the thought came from. And realised that its not actually that important. Where it came from I mean.

Chairs. That was the thought. Leaning back on chairs, and how to stop it. And so I  thought, “Do they have that problem in US classrooms with their chair/desk combo things”? And then I thought, maybe the chair/desk combo thing IS A MYTH, sold to us by old episodes of Recess (which, by the way is the best school-based cartoon series ever).

So I googled stuff. Because that’s helpful, googling. You can find out stuff. I  ran two queries in google images and here are the results.

Query – “us school classroom

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 10.34.27


And then I did one for the UK – “uk school classroom

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 10.24.31

Now this is obviously just a google image search. It’s not in any way definitive information, like you’d find in, say, a DfE press release, but it is indicative of there being a huge divide in classroom seating arrangements between the US and the UK.

So I’m asking the question, really. Why? Is it just cultural inertia, or are there real benefits one way or the other? Are there benefits/disbenefits for one way or the other of teaching, or for different subjects?

There you go. That’s my thought for the day.

As a reward for getting to the end, here’s an episode of Recess.


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