Reality bites

This  a very quick comment on the speech today by the Secretary of State for Education.

The speech itself contained nothing new. It was however marked by a new harshness of tone from the SoS especially when talking about the previous Labour government. However, I was slightly confused.

The speech contained the following line:-

“Teenagers got more certificates, and school results seemed to improve. But the qualifications weren’t credible in the jobs market – they weren’t real. They were, to be frank, a fraud on the young people taking them.”

Which is where the SoS departs from reality. Well, according to her own Chancellor she does. As he is very fond of telling us, the percentage of people in work is at a record high and the level of youth unemployment is at a seven year low.


Now, who is filling all those jobs if it is not the same defrauded young people with the incredible certificates?

Who is right, the Secretary of State for Education or the Chancellor?