Don’t look now

Let’s argue the merits of acadamisation over non-academisation.

Let’s point out that the evidence doesn’t show one way or the other that one school structure is better than another.

Let’s listen to politicians weasel and obfuscate these and many other issues about school governance.

Let’s organise a debate about original versus brokered sponsorship versus convertor academies and which is better/worse/indifferent.

Let’s have the discussion about who started academies and how the original vision has changed.

Let’s get into the conversation about local authorities that have for years failed to improve schools that desperately needed improving.

Let’s watch as groups of parents protest at their school being taken over by an academy chain that they don’t like.

Let’s enjoy ourselves as politicians fail to grasp the hypocrisy of their branding people ideologues because they don’t like their ideological approach to school improvement.

Let’s laugh as they singularly fail to explain sensibly what will happen to a failing/coasting academy that was academies because it was failing in the first place.

And you know what? If you do all that then the politicians will be laughing all the way to the fucking bank. Because whilst all those debates, arguments, conversations are going on no one, not a single person, is holding their feet to the fire over the cuts that are coming. That are here.

Why not? Because it’s not a sexy discussion to have. No one is going to switch on Sunrise to watch someone in a grey suit explaining the impact on their children education of changes in NI and pensions. Because the Sunrise cameras and presenters will all be outside that tiny primary school where there are people with placards.

The reason schools will fail children between now and 2025 is nothing to do with academisation. As everyone is fond of saying, the evidence for that is just not there. The reason schools will fail children is that they will have no money with which to succeed.

The academisation argument is a distraction from that.

Apologies for the swear. Quite cross.


2 thoughts on “Don’t look now

  1. The problem of academisation is that takes a critical aspect of the public realm – state and societal education – and slowly reduces the extent to which it can be held accountable. That said, eventually, it will be accounted for but by then it will be too late. The education sector will be bankrupted. The entire process is mired in corruption, with OFFSTED, intended to be an arms-length QUANGO, operated like a political tool – in fact, more like a political sledge hammer.

    Given how the teaching profession is aware i.e. deep and obvious insider status, how the entire academisation process hasn’t come apart already is beyond me.

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