If I was in charge I would…

…(in no particular order):

  • Stop harping on about tuition fees. They work. Sorry, they just do. The issue for students from working class homes is the maintenance grant. Make that work, not just for university but for college and apprenticeships too.
  • Stop fighting Academisation and start making school governance (of whichever kind) work for the local communities they serve. Wasted energy is wasted energy.
  • Recognise that there is long term benefit to immigration and link infrastructure and local development spend to the levels of immigration to particular areas.
  • Scrap HS2.
  • Build roads. Good ones. It might be lovely having all that wonderful countryside between the cities and our coastal towns but the lack of transit capability is slowly killing those communities.
  • Commit to a new millennial project to provide Gigabit broadband to every home and business premises in the nation. Don’t just “facilitate’ it. Do it. It might take 10 years but it’s a better investment than HS2.
  • Scrap the first strike capability that is Trident and replace it with a defensive capability.
  • Remove the non-dom tax exemptions. You live here, you work here, you make money here, then you pay tax here.
  • Recognise small business as the new engine of employment and wealth generation and nurture it. Aggressively.
  • Introduce a presumption against permitting the purchase of British companies by overseas owners. Let’s ensure we reap the long term benefit of our innovative businesses.
  • Build windmills, solar farms and tidal barrages. Lots of them. Every new house would have a solar roof. Alongside this I would build several new nuclear power stations. Energy sufficiency will likely be the major cause of warfare in the coming century. Let’s get out in front of it.
  • Through tax and other incentives I would make the UK the preferred home for cloud data farms. We have the political and geographic stability to make this work.
  • Create a federal structure across the UK. Each region about the economic size of London. Fully devolved powers in each region (except where they impinge on the above ideas). Reduce VAT, implement Regional Sales Tax.
  • Where planning law would impede any of the above, change the planning laws. Not to allow unfettered development, but to allow rapid development. Stop feeding the lawyers and consultants and start building stuff.

Now, how do i get elected….