Reasons to be stupid

This morning one of the OCR top bods has suggested that students should be able to use Google during exams. 

Now, I don’t have my head set completely against this idea but I shall look at that in more detail later. What I want to say now is that it probably won’t work, at least in the short term. I have two main reasons. There are many more. 

Reason 1:- finding that many clean machines in a school at any one time is incredibly problematic, even if all that’s required is a tablet and a route out of the school. 

Reason 2:- so, imagine a major exam, maths or science or English. Potentially 700,000 students all trying to access the same small group of websites. Five words – Distributed Denial of Sevce Attack. I suspect many sites would just shut down under the strain. 

I will blog on the reasons why I think it could be a useful idea and under what circumstances it would work another time. In the meantime you can just assume I’m a bit of a loon who doesn’t want kids to learn. 


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