In the kingdom of glass everything is transparent…

This is a bit of an addendum to my recent post on the DfE consultation about the proposed College of Teaching.

In the consultation document (which is about two things – the CoT and CPD & professional Development) one of the sections that ‘caught my eye’ was this one relating to the expression of interests sought regarding the set up of the new body:

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 21.56.58

I have a suggestion which I think would have widespread support among those interested in the the CoT.

These expressions of interest should be published at the same time they are sent to DfE on the 3rd of February 2015. I would hope that the DfE would commit to this, but I given their less than glorious history with regards to Free of Information I wouldn’t hold my breath. In that case I would hope that any organisation submitting a proposal would themselves make it public. Indeed, as any sensible proposal would have to have been widely consulted upon there should be no need for any secrecy once the deadline had passed. One could even argue that transparency about the contents prior to the deadline would be even better.

Such an approach would be a sign that the process was open and transparent. I, and I suspect many others, would be deeply suspicious of attempts to hide behind “commercial sensitivity” or any other such justification for withholding the proposals.


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