The Education Research Dating Agency

There are no shortage of ideas for research in education. Every teacher has one. The difficulty is how they take that forward. How do they find the relevant expertise to help them construct the ‘experiment’? Where do they find additional researchers to help them? Where do they get the number of students to be involved that would make the results statistically relevant?

What we needs is a dating agency!

Here’s the plan.

You may be a teacher or an educational researcher. You have an idea. You go to the website and post the idea. You are starting the research project. Others viewing the site will see the idea and indicate what help they can provide. It may be they can help with the background reading. They could help design the trials. They could help with the stats analysis (although the website will also provide that support). Maybe they have several classes of students at the right stage to be able to take part. Through the site a project could be put together and managed, bringing together remote resources into one place.

The site could collect (and anonymise the results). The site could provide basic statistical support. Properly managed the data sets could be used for larger meta- analyses of the projects.

Project ideas could be put through an ethics panel before they were published on the site asking for support. Project results could be peer-reviewed through the site before they were published.

Now, imagine if this was supported by DfE. Providing access to the national student database. Add in all the research evidence collected. What a resource we could create.

Such a system would not be expensive to create, but would leave a lasting legacy.