If you set up a school in a area where there is no need for more school places.

If the local population don’t want it.

If you allow a group of people who have no experience in running a school to start one.

If you allow that group to outsource the running of the school to an overseas company.

If you inadequately monitor the school as it is growing.

If you allow weaknesses in the safeguarding of children.

If you connive in the continuation of those weaknesses for what can only be seen, in the absence of a better explanation, as PR reasons


When it fails you cannot blame;

the area,

the local population,

the group who started the school, or

the overseas company running it.

You cannot even blame Ofsted.

Don’t even dare to try and blame the children.

You can only blame the group of people who allowed it to happen.

Whatever inadequacy it is in DfE that enabled this to happen needs to be established, admitted and rectified. Openly. And promptly.

If that happens, then maybe DfE can rescue its policy.

Big ‘if’.