The constant drip, drip drip….

Many years ago my school build a new library/admin/sixth form block. It also had a fabulous new staff room. At the centre of the staffroom was a refectory type area for tea/coffee making etc. On the surface near the sink was one of those milk machines, that you put the box of milk in and it keeps it cold and has a nozzle underneath where you press you cup against and the milk comes out. It was great.

After about a month or so it started to drip after a cup had been pressed against it. Just a little drip. So a cloth was put near it and after you used it you wiped the drip away.

Then it started to drip a bit between uses. So a drip tray was put underneath and was emptied when it got full.

Then it started to drip more and so it filled up before the next break so the milk started to run across the surface and on to the floor. So a bucket was put underneath to catch those drips.

Of course, by this stage it had all got a bit silly, so the machine was turned off and we went back to having to wait for the milkman to deliver goodness knows how many bottles of milk each day which were either not enough or too many.

The drip was never fixed.

I’m not sure why today’s announcement about stopping schools counting multiple entries for GCSE in their results reminds me of this.

It just does.