Everyone can succeed

I’ve been doing some research into salaries paid in different professions. Whilst in some city-based jobs the overall packages can be very high, it is clear that the individuals who receive the highest average basic salary before bonuses are Premiership footballers. This is clearly the acme of employment possibilities. As educators we therefore need to be thinking about how we can encourage and enable more of our children to reach this goal.

Why (oh why) are so many of our schools continuing to fail children. I see no double-PE on the curriculum in many schools. Even in many Academies there is no weights room. Many LA’s continue to this day the absurd practice of encouraging a “team approach” to football when it is clear that only the most selfish individuals succeed in reaching the Premiership. There is also a growing tendency, and some might say this is where the failure is the greatest, in not expelling students to wander the streets kicking a tin-can around, developing those important passing skills. The selfish cry of such schools is “we were trying to do the best for them, they needed their History and MFL GCSEs”. This backwards looking approach, supported by many academics, will prove to be disasterous.

Do they not want our country to rise up the UEFA leagues again? It seems that winning the Europa league is the answer of many, this is enough for the enemies of promise. These defeatists seem happy to wallow in the lower divisions.

It is a clear demonstration of schools lack of high expectations that we aren’t encouraging every every child to apply for a boot-room apprenticeship. Many succeed in getting into the ManPool group of clubs, why should we not expect that from every child?

Until we recognise that every child could become a Premiership footballer we will continue to fail our children.