The GCSE report that never was

I was confused by some information released in an FOI request by Ofqual. The information was in the contract between Ofqual and CapGemini provided following a request by @kennygfrederick.

The contract requires that CapGemini will interview approximately 100 English teachers. Two of the items specified in the contract are that CapGemini will “Conduct and write up the interviews” and “Produce it’s final report in such a way that the report findings can readily be extracted for use in Ofqual’s final report” ( pp 6-7)

My confusion is how this can be squared with the contents of Ofquals letter of 20 November 2012 (
Here ). On any reasonable reading of the contract it is clear that CapGemini were contracted to produce a report. This report may have been for Ofqual, but it is clearly a report. The letter says “We did not commission CapGemini to produce a separate report for us”, which creates a problem.

In of itself it is not a huge problem. I am guessing that Ofqual did not want to publish the whole CapGemini report or any of the detail behind it. There may be good reasons for that. As is usual with these things there is probably no smoking gun involved, just some stuff that could be embarrassing to someone or would be misconstrued if released in its entirely.

What is damaging are the attempts to prevent its publication. The constant drip of information, published on fridays, in half terms and now between Christmas and New Year gives the impression that there is something to hide. Personally I usually believe more in the cock-up rather than conspiracy theory of history. But I am also aware of that other lesson from history, that it is usually the cover up that does for you.


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  1. My own sentiments and thoughts after ploughing through the FOI tangle. Glad to know it is not just me. Ofqual clearly ducking and diving. There is a report. They have lied. Which certainly indicates that there is something to hide.

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