At the third stroke it will be…. YOU!

Let this be a warning to you Cameron. Twitter can be dangerous.

This morning I sent a couple of innocuous Tweets* about the days news on a calculator ban in KS2 exams.

Innocuous Tweets
Innocuous Tweets

The announcement of this ban was one element of what was otherwise a good (for maths) speech by @trussliz to be given later in the day.

I thought no more of it, having to go out early and stand at the school gates and help the PTA collect money from students for their non-uniform day.

So, having spend a hour or so getting cold I returned home (to work), put the kettle on and checked my email. There was someone from the BBC World Service who had Tweeted me to ask if I could appear on one of their programmes within the next two hours. Blimey. So, tweeted phone number back and had a chat and agreed to go on.

The whole thing was done by Skype (according to the sound engineer my kitchen has good acoustics) and apart from a few nerves on my part it all went OK. Well, I thought so, anyway.

You can listen to the interview here (at 36.25). Its on iPlayer so will be available until around 16th November 2012.

The lesson learnt is best be careful what you say on Twitter or you might have to explain yourself to the listeners in Mumbai and Malawi.


*Vanity forced me to correct my typo – changed “mans” to “maths” in the first tweet