It’s the regulator, stupid.

Lets hypothetically accept Ofquals argument that some schools over marked coursework.

This means, by definition, some didn’t.

Using grade boundaries to remedy this hypothetical abuse affects everyone’s grade.

In fact, the grades of the hypothetical group who didn’t over mark are double disadvantaged.

But it’s is all nonsense of course.

Mechanisms exist within the exam system to detect and remedy over-marking. It’s called moderation.

Moderation is done within schools, monitored by exam boards and overseen by the exam regulator, yes, Ofsted.

Ofqual is in effect saying that there was a conspiracy within some schools not just for an individual teacher to over mark but for the whole department to agree to do so. They are also saying that the exam boards failed to notice a single case of this. Which is an issue that comes back to the regulator, yes, Ofqual.

Ofquals case doesn’t stand up.

What should of happened of course is that some schools should probably have had their marks moderated down. This happens every year. It’s part of a quality control process and is to be expected. This would also have reduced grades for some students, but not for those whose marks were correct, which is what has happened now. And it’s not just C grades that have been affected. It’s across the range.

By changing the grade boundaries Ofqual have accepted that they and the exam boards failed in their job leaving them with just schools and teachers to blame for their failure.

Shame on them. And shame on everyone who lets them get away with it.