Back to the Past

So, Michael Gove is coming to BETT and it looks like he will be scrapping the ICT curriculum. Whilst the detail is yet to be seen, I cannot see this as being an entirely good thing.

“Schools to be given freedom to run cutting-edge computer classes under plans for open source curriculum” says the Guardian.

Well, here’s some news – schools can already do that if they want to, and many indeed do. Scrapping the current ICT curriculum will not lead to a mass take up of computer science in its place. It might stop some of the current rubbish ICT courses being taught, but that’s as far as it goes. This change is likely to lead to a reduction in the teaching if ICT and computing in schools, not an increase. There is a real possibility that many students will end up with a diet of “Google Enrichment Days” and “Microsoft After Schools Clubs” rather than access to a rich ICT curriculum.