4 Colour Learning

At last we have opened the 4 Colour Learning website – http:www.4colourlearning.co.uk 4 Colour Learning Logo

At the moment there is not a great deal on there – we just felt it was time to stop discussing the content and actually start using it. As the weeks go on we will put on some information about our work and, with their consent, some of the people we are working with.

The first question that people usually ask is – “Where did the name come from?”. Well, anyone who has tried to start a new business will tell you the difficulties in finding the right name. First there is the problem of what do you want the name to say about the business – do you want it to describe, and therefore possibly define the business? We wanted some flexibility on that score but were absolutely focussed that whatever we did through the business, it would be about learning. So that bit of the name is easy.

The “4 Colour” bit? Well, there is a real difficulty in finding a company name that you like where the URL is also available. Virtually everything that is a common word is already used, or being sat on by a URL speculator. This seems not to be the case with numbers. Any compnay name starting with a number seems to be easily available both as a company and a URL.

So, why 4 Colour? The idea is that by taking a few very simple ideas you can blend them to make more complex constructs. Firstly, with 4 Colours you can make any other colour – printing uses Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. Secondly, being a maths teacher I have always been intrigued by the 4 Colour Map Theorem which essentially says that any map can be constructed using no more than 4 colours. Again, the idea that something that looks very complex can be reduced to a small number of simple ideas.

Those three things, what we wanted the company to do, the issues in finding available names, and the deeply meaningful psuedo-justification came together to give 4 Colour Learning. We like it and and hope it finds some traction with others.

Oh, and those of you who know me will know my picture on the site is an old one – I will get it updated as soon as possible!