Dial M for Mobile

They say never write in haste or anger. Well, sorry but this morning’s disgraceful comments attributed to Michael Gove over-ride my usual patient and placid persona.

Firstly a health warning, they are quotes from the News of the World, so they may have been misheard from a bad mobile phone voicemail. The article was “Gove Slaps Down Yobs”, largely about the upcoming new regulations being issued tomorrow to schools, which contain the revised rules relating to mobile phones. The whole of the text attributed to Mr Gove presents a masterclass in demagoguery. Just a couple of brief clips to whet the appetite:

Anyone who has been watching Jamie’s Dream School on TV will have seen that students seem to spend all their time texting on the mobile.

So presenting the activities of a few students, specifically chosen for the show because they spend all their time texting, as representing all students and then developing the rules for all based on that minority. But wait, it gets better:

In the worst schools you have a situation – like in the worst prisons – where the inmates believe that they rule the roost. We’ve got to change that

Now, this could be a case of bad sub-editing, but for the Secretary of State for Education to conflate Students and Inmates in the same sentence is a disgrace.

So, sorry about the haste and the anger, but enough is enough.