H807 – Jisc Case Studies – Use of Moodle in Multimedia analysis and design at HATII

An interesting starting point for this one:

My primary aim was to use Moodle to make course administration and content delivery more efficient, rather than supporting any radically different pedagogical approach.

The online materials were to run alongside the existing courses and were not meant as an alternative or a replacement for them.

Following on from this the tangible benefits were seen as organisational as well – ease of managing the resources, and ease of communication with students. An interesting aside that most communication in the forums, aside from sporadic posts between students, was directed through the course leader.

To quote at length from the lessons learnt:

Moodle, and before that icampus, have enabled me to achieve what I wanted; an integrated and efficient means of providing course material and communication online. I could, and perhaps should, have experimented more with how I taught, but in a subject that is itself about the appropriate use of ICT I’m aware that sitting behind the ‘bleeding edge’ is no bad thing. In particular I remain to be convinced that the benefits of developing online discussion forums further outweigh the costs, at least for the characteristics of my current student cohort.

Use of Moodle in Multimedia analysis and design at HATII