H807 Starts here

It’s all a bit busy at the moment!

Work is quite hectic – new phase of Workforce Support programme starting in six weeks (gulp) with all the associated online developmental activity behind that (including development of a VLE platform to support practitioners), halfway through development of a new video platform (I pitched it to colleagues as a cross between YouTube, Moodle and Sky TV) to support our work with schools and colleges (and with this platform, students as well) as well as another new platform to support the selling of our CPD offering. More of these as they are developed.

Consequently, starting H807 has been problematic, especially given the annual leave I have just taken as well, but this post is the start of proper engagement with the module. So, I thought that I would get a few moans out of the way to start with.

Number 1 – I don’t like having to read the forum posts in the Moodle. ¬†Especially when the list of threads goes over two or more pages the the action of the return to forums link is irritating (always returning to page 1).

Number 2 – Where is the summary of activities for each we had in H800?

Number 3 – doing TMA1 in week 2? Whats that all about?

Ok, that’s off my chest. Its my blog and I’ll moan if I want (hmm, quite a catchy line, perhaps there’s a song in it somewhere…).

I’m going to use this blog rather than the OU one as I want to try and keep all my thoughts in one place. I’ll try and remeber to adequately tag content, and will title things appropriately (ie all H807 related posts will start “H807” – except for when I forget, of course).

Have been reading a lot over the past few days so now its time to get some thoughts down.