H807 JISC Case Studies

The task in hand is to summarise the JISC Case Study collection on tangible benefits of e-learning. Somehow this has to be done in 800 words (from a 200 page report). Not quite sure how the course team came up with 4 hours for this activity (ok, there are 5 hours for reading the report, but it took nearly that long to print the darn thing). This report will then be used as the basis for TMA01. The assessmnet criteria for TMA01 are interesting:

Marks will be allocated on the following basis.
  • The clarity of the stated aims of the report (10 per cent).
  • The characterisation of the case studies overall and your justification of the choice of key examples (30 per cent).
  • The way you interpret innovation and relate the case studies to the concept of innovation (20 per cent).
  • Quotes from the blogs of other students to illustrate at least two of the points you make (15 per cent).
  • Your description of the process you used to create the report (25 per cent).

So it is going to be necessary to have an overview of the entire content, plus greater depth on specific examples. Will have to rely to some extent on group work, plus the JISC site itself has some useful indexes and summaries for the case studies.

This will be an interesting exercise for me. Generally speaking, I am not a great believer in the benefits of case studies. So I am keen to see if there is anything in the activity that leads to me changing my mind on the issue.

I am going to look initially a small number of the case studies, primarily connected with the use of VLEs or Video. The are

Online delivery of MSc Strategic Management in Africa

Online delivery of BA Business Studies

Use of Moodle to support active learning in Classics

Use of Moodle in Multimedia analysis and design at HATII

Use of video case studies to highlight issues in Qualitative Research Methods

I know that this is 5 and not 4, but when you are spoilt for choice. what can you do. I will create individual posts for each one as I get to it.