The difficult first post

Having used blogs on and off for years, and spent many conferences trying to pursuade others to use them for their students, I am returning to the media to support the MA in am working on.

This year I finally decided it was time to add to the Grade C O-Level Computer Studies (1977) and having looked around decided that the OU MA in Online and Distance Learning was the appropriate course. I have started with the unit Technology-enhanced learning: practices and debates which has been a good choice, covering as it does not just the technology aspects but has a lot of learning theory in it as well. There are about 15 students on the course, spread all around the world, which gives an interesting perspective to the debates.

At the moment we have reached Week 12 of 32. The course is entirely online, run through the OU Moodle implementation. The structure thus far has been reading and interaction in forums and occasionally through the Elluminate audio conferencing system (not as effective as Flashmeeting, but useful none the less). This week the reflective aspect is through a blog. Well, I say this week. Actually, I’m a week behind at the moment. Mainly because of the blog thing. Having spent so much time with them over the past few years, I was a bit bored with the idea of setting up a blog just to talk about one ot two weeks OU work. Also, having started Twittering, the thought of having to write more that 140 characters seemed like a real hardship. However, I have now got my head around it. I will try to keep this site going, not just as a way of meeting the course requirements, but also asa  way of having a dialogue around the issues raised by the course with the group of people I have been working with over the past few years.

So, here we go, eyes down for Week 12…